AkzoNobel Packaging Coatings presents future-focused product portfolio

AkzoNobel Packaging Coatings has revealed its next generation product portfolio, saying customers can distinguish its new industry leading BPA-Ni and NexGen coatings from its legacy products.

The business said the move will support customers in transitioning away from coatings based on legacy technologies like epoxy and vinyl, towards technologies that not only comply with but also exceed incoming regulations by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), FDA and other regulatory bodies.

“This future-focused portfolio will help customers easily navigate what can often be an uneven regulatory landscape,” they wrote in a statement.

Within the new portfolio, beverage coatings will become Accelshield and Accelstyle for internal and external coatings respectively. Both will feature products that remove various materials such as BPA and other bisphenols, phenolics, PFAS, formaldehyde and Styrene. Similarly, food packaging coatings will become Securshield and Securstyle for internal and external coatings respectively.

The names are word plays that capture the features of AkzoNobel’s high-performance coatings: ‘Accel’ is a play on ‘excel’, ‘secur’ denotes security, ‘shield’ implies ‘protection’, and ‘style’ is a nod to the stylish aesthetics of its customers.

Chris Bradford, industrial coatings marketing director, AkzoNobel believes that the new product portfolio will make it easier for customers to select the product they need: “As a leading coatings supplier, we want to simplify the decisions our customers need to make as they adjust to a complex regulatory landscape,” he explains.

“That means, as an example, producing BPA-Ni coatings while continuing to supply epoxy-based products that our customers and the industry have come to value and trust, where local regulations allow and where there is sufficient customer demand. That in turn means having a clear system to distinguish between the two.

“Our BPA-Ni and NextGen coatings represent the future of the industry. We know we must deliver the future-proof regulatory compliant coatings our customers need. We also know that because of the markets we serve, we must similarly fulfil customers’ flavour, preservation, and production needs. Our new product portfolio aims to reassure customers that our NexGen coatings will make our customers and their products fit for the future.”

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