MC Mühlenchemie Omnizym sugar replacer reduces recipe costs

MC Mühlenchemie Omnizym sugar replacer reduces recipe costs

The first MC Omnizym application is Sugar Replacer, which makes it possible to reduce the sugar content in bakery recipes for yeast-risen baked goods. © MC Mühlenchemie

MC Mühlenchemie’s first MC Omnizym Sugar Replacer makes it possible to reduce the sugar content in bakery recipes for yeast-risen baked goods.The need for high-quality, standardised flour for millers can no longer be met with singular approaches. Due to regional differences, in particular with regard to the quality of available raw materials, today no two sets of requirements are alike; instead, they are

To meet today’s “omni-complex” needs of millers, Omnizym is a complex composition and combination of enzymes, which features the ability to combine all available enzyme solutions. Omnizym offers standardised solutions that can be combined with enzymes developed and sourced especially for the purpose based on the basic idea of offering a tailor-made answer for every individual flour standardisation requirement.

The new enzyme solution was developed specifically to address rising commodity and production costs.

The baking and sensory properties of baked goods depend greatly on the functions of sugar, so it is important to make sure that these parameters are not impaired when sugar is reduced. Omnizym Sugar Replacer comes in two versions. In these purely enzyme-based products, enzymes convert the starch into glucose units and thus support fermentation, colour and flavour formation. In addition, throughout the fermentation process they provide for the production of maltose and thus faster fermentation and better, more even crust colour. This is based on the enzymatic hydroloysis of long-chain polysaccharides, through which more precursors for the Maillard reaction are formed.

The second variant of Omnizym Sugar Replacer is based on the same enzyme compound, with an added flavouring component. Not only does it give the same baking performance, it also provides the identical sweetness to baked goods with full sugar content.

Omnizym Sugar Replacers can be used directly in the mill without altering standard treatments, which lets manufacturers use them flexibly. The ideal dosage for the desired sugar reduction can be determined in baking trials under local conditions. Mills can access MC know-how at the Futuremaker Stern-Technology Center in Ahrensburg, Germany or at MC laboratories around the world.

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