EU rules to protect sturgeon

The European Union has introduced a new regulation to protect sturgeon and combat illegal trade in caviar. The fish has been pushed to the brink of extinction in the Caspian Sea. The rules will require all tins of caviar to bear an official label specifying the source of the caviar and the year of harvest. […]

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Curry kick for World Cup fans

Derby-based recipe dish manufacturer S&A Foods, in partnership with Asda, is ensuring football fans have enough energy to support England in the 2006 World Cup with the launch of their hottest ever curry, Chicken Phal. The Chicken Phal curry, will be available from the Indian serve over counter in Asda stores. Made from a combination […]


One more serving to a healthy life

Just one extra piece of fruit or serving of vegetables a day can contribute to a longer life, according to research supporting a new government health campaign. The ‘Small change, big difference’ crusade is designed to encourage people to make minor changes in their lifestyles to give them a better chance of living longer, healthier […]


School ban triggers tuck-in trade

Banning junk food in schools in an effort to encourage healthy eating among pupils has backfired, as teachers have discovered a flourishing trade in sweets, crisps and pop. The ringleaders behind the ‘bike-shed’ trading are budding retailers in the form of pupils, who are cashing in on their classmates craving for all things sugary, salty […]


Swiss approve British beef

Cattle and beef exports to Switzerland have been cleared, making it the first country outside the EU to lift its ban on British beef. Switzerland was one of the first countries to ban British beef and cattle because of BSE back in 1990. The lifting of the ban takes effect from 5 June 2006. John […]

Red wine recommended to protect against deafness

New research reported in the New Scientist has found that age-related deafness or hearing loss caused by loud noise or antibiotics could be reduced by antioxidants found in red wine, green tea and aspirin. Delicate hairs in the inner ear, vital for hearing, can be damaged by oxygen free radicals. These can be produced through […]

Coca-Cola looks to Oasis

Coca-Cola Enterprises has launched Oasis Fusion, a new range of contemporary still water and fruit juice drinks that marks the latest extension to the growing Oasis brand. Oasis Fusion was created in response to research that revealed a growing demand among female consumers for more contemporary tasting, still fruit flavoured drinks with no added sugar. […]

Gressingham duck producer re-names

The company behind the Gressingham duck has invested in a major re-branding exercise and has re-named itself Gressingham Foods. “Over the years it became apparent that not all of our customers were readily associating Green Label Foods with Gressingham duck – instead we were becoming known as ‘the Gressingham duck people’, says William Buchanan, commercial […]

New firm caters for allergy sufferers

Allergy specialist food firm Safetoeat says most ‘free-from’ products are aimed at people suffering from coeliac disease, or who are allergic to dairy or lactose. The new, privately owned company aims to change this by catering for all allergies and has set sales targets of more than £1m in its first year. Cook-in sauces and […]

Retailers receive WRAP cash

Major retailers have been awarded funding from the WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) Waste Minimisation Innovation Fund – an £8m (£11m) fund designed to encourage innovative packaging initiatives that reduce household waste. The latest round of projects to be announced involves some of the leading names in UK retailing, including Coca-Cola, Dairy Crest and […]

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Brits are European chocolate champions

With the Easter chocolate bonanza over, British consumers have once again retained their crown as Europe’s chocoholics. According to market analyst Datamonitor, Brits chomp their way through 10kg of chocolate a year compared to just 2.2kg in Italy, which also has the lowest per head consumption of chocolate in Europe. Last year, the UK spent […]


Traditional Baker Perkins goes independent

APV Baker, a leading supplier of process equipment and services to the food industry worldwide, has been acquired from Invensys plc by private investors John Cowx and Brian Taylor. The new company will trade as Baker Perkins. The business, based in Peterborough, UK and Grand Rapids, Michigan US, is a leader in process technology for […]

Still beefing about exports

A European Commission committee has voted in favour of lifting the ten-year ban on UK exports of beef products. However, the lifting of the ban has led to new wrangling about the transportation of live animals, particularly veal calves. A European Commission committee has voted in favour of lifting the ten-year ban on UK exports […]


Caffeine link to heart attacks

Recent research suggests that heavy coffee drinkers carrying a particular gene may be more vulnerable to heart attacks. Coffee drinkers who have more than three cups a day may be subject to cardiovascular diseases. Caffeine is metabolised by an enzyme in the liver. Variation in the gene for this enzyme can slow or quicken caffeine […]


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