Clean label coating

Avebe has launched Eliane Bind 12, a potato starch with properties that allow food manufacturers to create high quality and crispy coatings for fish and meat.


Beverage cartons with renewable coatings

Beverage cartons coated with plastic made from Sabic’s certified renewable polyethylene will soon be available across northern Europe, owing to a partnership between Sabic and Elopak. Sabic developed its renewable polyolefin product range last year in recognition of the growing importance consumers are placing on sustainable packaging, as well as the competitive nature of the […]

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Meat bites

Snowbird Foods has enhanced its range of ingredients for ready meals manufacturers with the launch of two new cooked and frozen products. Its Pork & Apple Meatbites feature 60% British pork flavoured with bramley apple, plus onion, garlic paste, wheat flour, black pepper, ginger, nutmeg, marjoram, parsley and sage. Its golden coating contrasts with the darker […]


Ovenable finger foods

Dutch snack manufacturer and Crisp Sensation licensee Royaan has introduced its Kwekkeboom Oven range of ovenable finger foods. The range comprises beef croquettes, Dutch ‘bitterballen’, cheese dippers and chicken nuggets – the latter in pure chicken or with added Italian, saté or curry sauce fillings. As well as being suitable for oven cooking, products with […]


Campylobacter exploits chicken ‘juice’

A study from the Institute of Food Research has shown that campylobacter’s persistence in food processing sites and the kitchen is boosted by chicken ‘juice’. Organic matter exuding from chicken carcasses (chicken juice) provides these bacteria with the perfect environment to persist in the food chain. This emphasises the importance of cleaning surfaces in food […]

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Let off steam

KM Packaging Services has enhanced its range of lidding films with the launch of a new steam venting product. The new film is manufactured in the UK, where KM is also based, and is compatible with polypropylene trays. The development of the steam venting film has been driven by consumer demand for added value features […]

Double-walled beverage cups

Iggesund Paperboard has created a cup with a double-walled construction, using one material inside the cup and another for the outer wall, which functions as both a heat shield and a brand carrier. “For the cup’s inside, we chose Invercote coated with polyethylene (PE) and for the outside, we used Aluvision, which is Invercote extrusion […]

New coating technology for oven snacks

Crisp Sensation Holding SA has announced that its licensee Royaan has launched the first products made with its crumb coating. The Dutch manufacturer of snack products has introduced a range of oven snacks under the brand name Kwekkeboom. All products in the range, from meat croquettes to cheese dippers, use the patented Crisp Sensation technology […]


Compostable, recyclable paper cup

AkzoNobel’s new coatings technology EvCote Water Barrier 3000 – which itself is made from plant-based oils and recycled PET bottles – is allowing restaurants to select a more sustainable paper cup to serve their cold drinks in. The cups don’t require any modification in the current recycle stream or special handling, and are fully compostable […]

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Anti-slip board for FMCG transit

UK manufacturer of recycled paper honeycomb Dufaylite has added a new anti-slip board to its Envirolite range that is designed to meet retailer and supplier demand for improved, secure transit packaging. Created using the brand’s signature honeycomb technology, the board features a simple yet effective coating which forms a film on the surface of paper, […]

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