Arjuna launches Indian Gooseberry ingredient

Arjuna Natural Extracts will launch Trilow, its all-natural bioactive extract for cardiovascular health derived from the Indian gooseberry (Phyllanthus emblica, aka “amla”). The ingredient is a complete extract of fresh ripe fruit of wild amla, collected seasonally from the tree. The proprietary extraction process ensures high activity for every batch of the product, as confirmed […]

Vegan alternatives for cultured milk

With Hydrosol’s new stabilising systems from the Stabisol line, manufacturers can now produce cultured milk product substitutes based on coconut, addressing two current trends at once – the ongoing demand for vegan and flexitarian food and the strong demand for coconut based products.

Tickled pink

To expand its offering beyond carmine and anthocyanins, Chr. Hansen has developed new colour additive solutions to meet the demand for intense red and pink shades.

Tip of the iceberg

This time last year a feared prosecco shortage left consumers concerned that their favourite fizz would soon be absent from nights out, nights in and any occasion in between. Later in 2016, Brits faced a looming Marmite shortage and sales of the product soared as the news spread. Now, we’re dealing with a vegetable shortage as a result of poor growing conditions in Europe.

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