Kröner-Stärke reintroduces Stikker starch

Kröner-Stärke has reintroduced Stikker, a native, hot-swelling, powder-fine starch with a white colour for batters and other wet coatings.

The clean label ingredients specialist said Stikker is free of foreign odours, impurities and admixtures and is perfect in the application of alternative proteins and coating traditional meat, fish and vegetable products.

Stikker is originally a starch product from Kröner-Stärke’s established portfolio that is considered an inventive solution for the alternative protein market, which exceeded $60.45 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow by a further 18.5% between 2022 – 2028 as meat exports diversify by region, especially in the Asian markets.

Further applications for Stikker include baked goods, ready-mixed flours and pastries.

Kröner-Stärke has cleaned up the unhealthy image of breaded or battered foodstuffs, and the company said it has succeeded in developing specialist wheat starches which allow food processors to formulate on-trend, clean label products which are rich in texture and taste but contain no chemicals.

Stikker’s increased stable cold viscosity gives it plenty of advantages over other starch products including consistency adjustment, acting as a thickening agent, and being available in organic quality – perfect for vegans and vegetarians.

The basis for Stikker’s production is selected wheat flours and untreated, natural spring water from the company’s headquarters in Ibbenburen, Germany. It is also a certified clean label ingredient, designed for good adhesion, crispiness and coating stability.

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