A local story from giant Tesco

Acting globally and thinking locally has become a trademark of the largest super-market of the UK. The slogan ‘Great food, locally produced’ has become a showcase mission for the group as the store highlights innovative new suppliers across the counties. With the Meet the Buyer events it has opened up the trading pattern for smaller […]


Potatoes set to go upmarket

Branston Ltd, the UK’s leading supplier of quality fresh potatoes, has launched The Real Potato Co, an innovative direct to consumer brand set to shake up the UK potato category with its range of new varieties. The Real Potato Co will initially launch within 250 Tesco stores around the country with two exclusive varieties of […]

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Huge expansion in range of fairtrade products

The range of fairtrade products is growing at a huge rate, expanding far beyond tea, coffee and chocolate. Two new own-brand all natural nut products can now be bought at Tesco – a chopped brazil nut and dried apricot mix and a peanut, cashew and dried mango mix. More fruity products have also become available. […]


Square-shaped melons arrive in Britain

Some of the most bizarre looking fruit ever seen in Britain have arrived. Grown exclusively by supermarket Tesco for their exceptional taste – they are the only watermelons that offer total sweetness from the centre to the sides. Tesco fruit chiefs believe that conventional melon sales may be being held back because their large size […]

Eat in Colour campaign launched

The anticipated new three-year campaign Eat in Colour to promote fruit and vegetables has been launched. The campaign’s focus is to help people to find practical, quick and easy ways to achieve a healthier diet every day. With only £8 (£12) a week spent on fruit and vegetables, equal to the weekly spend on takeaways, […]


Tesco profits top £1 billion

Supermarket giant Tesco has made £1.1 billion in six months, though the ‘grocery’ firm claims that one fifth of its UK sales are now non-food. The soaring profits are said by critics to be partly due to the low prices the firm pays to farmers, although good summer weather in the UK helped. International sales […]

Simple labelling prompts food switch

Labelling food products with clear, simple nutritional information produced ‘quite extraordinary’ changes in consumers’ buying habits in just eight weeks, according to a report on a major European conference. Speaking at the Annual Obesity Europe Conference in Brussels recently, Tesco’s European affairs manager Ian Hutchins claimed that consumers switched in a matter of weeks to […]

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World’s top grocers

The world’s largest 30 grocery retailers account for nearly a third of the global market and continue to grow at a faster rate than the modern grocery market as a whole, according to industry analyst Planet Retail’s recently published ‘Top 30 Grocery Retailers Worldwide’. Based on final figures for 2005, this year’s ranking and analysis […]

Asda price claim dropped – and that is official

Asda has been forced to abandon its ‘lowest-priced supermarket’ claim after rival Tesco store complained to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). The lowest priced claim was advertised on television and in the press, following a price survey by The Grocer comparing the price of 33 products sold by eight retailers each week, over a year. […]

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